Meet the people

There are more than 100 different types of jobs in rail. Whether you're starting your career as a graduate, coming from a trade or looking for a new direction, there is a role in rail for you. If you work in rail and love your job, tell us why.
Workers in hats and safety gear looking at map
Workers in hats and safety gear looking at map
Engineer, Transport Planner, Aurecon
Man with beard

Ruw Palapathwala 

“Rail stations leave a lasting impact on communities. I love being a part of that.”

Acting Senior Regulatory Data Analyst, ONRSR
Woman in front of computer

Chelsea Winskill 

“There’s a lot of collaboration in rail. It’s a great working environment”

Senior Rail Consultant, Systra Group
Woman working by computer

Kawtar Hadjadj 

“Rail is exciting and innovative …There are so many opportunities to do new things.”

Asset Inspector, Condron Family Group
Woman in high visibility clothing on railway platform

Charlotte Budge 

I would recommend a job in rail to anyone who doesn’t like sitting at a desk each day.”

Systems Engineer, Systra
Systems Engineer wearing hard hat and nose ring standing in front of train on rail platform.

Paloma Zafra Tunon

"If you like engineering, the rail industry gives you possibilities for almost everything."

Senior Project Manager, Yarra Trams
Engineer in hard hat on rail construction site.

Amer Aboul-Hosn

“In rail you’re always surprised with what you find, what you learn and who you interact with.”

Cyber Security Officer, Public Transport Authority, WA
Woman in front of keyboard

Hannah Rice 

“In cyber security you have to put yourself in the hacker’s mind … just thinking about how and where they might launch an attack is fascinating.”

Signalling Technician, ARTC
Male signalling technician standing in front of electrical unit

Rhys Wilkinson

“In rail every problem is slightly different and that makes you think outside the box.”

Specialist, Occupational Health & Safety, Yarra Trams
Woman in corporate suit standing beside a tram

Lynne Boag

"After having no real interest in trams, I now find them fascinating."

Head of Engineering, Civil and Structural Systems, Yarra Trams
Smiling female engineer in front of a train

Dianne Banks

In rail, engineering isn’t just about numbers it’s about people and innovation.”

Track Force Protection Co-ordinator, Metro Trains Melbourne
Female track protection worker

Naomi Davies

"I like the problem-solving aspect of the job, working out how to protect the work crew."

Manager Telecommunications Systems Engineering, Queensland Rail
Woman working in front of computers

Nia Schuhen

“I’m proud of my role in helping 30 million passengers a year arrive safely at their destinations.”

Operator Maintainer, Queensland Rail
Woman in high visibility clothing repairing an electrical unit

Jade Watson

“Queensland Rail has a huge focus on safety and well-being. It’s made it a great place to work.”

Train Driver Instructor, Public Transport Authority, WA
Woman on railway platform

Margaret Fisk 

“I swapped from being a full-time mum to being a train driver ... now I'm a driving instructor."

Transformation Delivery Manager, Queensland Rail
Smiling woman

Renae Carter  

What I love about rail is the diversity of opportunities, the support of the training and the passion of the people.”

Senior Design Engineer, DT Infrastructure
Man wearing high visibility working on a rail systems board

J.C. Pook

“I get great satisfaction from seeing my designs being built and used by the public.”

Traction Electrician, Queensland Rail
Smiling man standing on bridge at night

Daniel Calebrano

"Our priority is to ensure that the overhead network and the infrastructure for powering trains and trams are kept in peak condition.”

Substation Electrician, Queensland Rail
Rail Substation Electrician at work

Simon Mills

“Once I got into Queensland Rail, I realised how big the electrical field in the sector is. And how many different avenues in rail there are."

Project Integration Manager, Public Transport Authority, WA
Woman in blue dress standing on railway platform

Therese Martinovich 

“Rail is transforming every day. It’s so dynamic, and such a diverse industry.”

Procurement Specialist, Metro Trains Melbourne
Procurement Specialist in office

Kaine Hadlow

"It’s interesting and quite a challenge to meet KPIs for local content and social procurement."

Mechanical Engineer, Victoria Department of Transport
Man in front of NTC banner

Shanil Perera

“There’s so much new technology, so many opportunities, and so much new growth coming.”

Human Factors Specialist, Jacobs Engineering Group
Smiling woman in white top

Donna Daly 

“Being part of a focus to improve safety and prevent injuries is incredibly rewarding.”

Human Factors Specialist, Transport for New South Wales
Smiling man in front of rail network chart

Nathan Hines 

“Rail presents workers with so many different career pathways.”

Interface and Integration Manager, Downer
Man in front of train tracks

Bryan Lai

"It never occurred to me that I could get a job that would keep me interested for life."

Asset Inspector, Sterling Infrastructure
Smiling man in high visibility clothing on railway platform

Glen Mitchell 

“I’ve worked the hi-rail along the tracks from Newcastle to Brisbane. Rail has been an amazing adventure.”

Project Manager (Civil/Structures), Metro Train Melbourne
Project Manager at a rail construction site

Patrick Raymond

"I enjoy anything that involves problem-solving and good career options ... rail certainly provides that."

Telecommunications Engineer, SA Public Transport Authority
Asian woman working in South Australian Public Transport Authority office.

Christine Konings

I’m required to be creative, to think outside the box.”

Operator Maintainer, Queensland Rail
Man standing on country rail platform.

Jordan Ward

“Joining the railways was probably the best decision I’ve made.”

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Rail urgently needs more welders, signallers, electricians, drivers and network controllers. 

We're also looking for new and high-tech skills in areas like cyber technology, digital engineering, human factors, robotics, data analytics and more. 

As roles change so does the face of rail. The industry today is providing meaningful, well-paid career opportunities for women and people from First Nations and diverse cultural communities.

By choosing to work in rail, you're choosing to be part of something big. Your job is making a difference to the communities and regions you're helping to connect.

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