Our story

We're leading a national effort to grow and upskill the rail workforce. And helping workers to find simpler training pathways that are recognised across Australia.
Man in high viz and holding hard hat by freight carriage
Man in high viz and holding hard hat by freight carriage

Building a diverse workforce


Governments are investing $155 billion over the next 15 years to expand and modernise Australia’s rail networks.

More than 70,000 extra workers will be needed to design, build and maintain these projects.

People with all kinds of skillsets are required. This will ensure both old and new parts of the rail networks run smoothly. And connect more communities and industries across the country.

Making it easier to start your career in rail

The National Rail Skills Hub is making it easier for all Australians, including graduates, career-changers, women and young people, to start and progress a career in rail.

We're finding better ways to upskill and reskill people in the industry as we move towards a more high-tech future.

By sharing the experiences of people working in rail,  we're helping you see what's going on in the sector. And highlighting the many well-paid job opportunities available now and in the future.

By choosing to work in rail, you’re choosing to be part of something big. Your job is making a difference to the communities and regions you're helping to connect.

Driving a change in rail skills training

The National Rail Skills Hub is where industry and educators can share information on initiatives that are working well to address the rail skills gap.

At the moment in rail, people are being locked out of jobs because their skills aren’t recognised beyond the rail system they trained in. 

This is a productivity loss for the nation. 

The Hub is drawing governments, industry, unions, rail and skill experts together to address the portability of skills and develop the next generation workforce. 

We are continually engaging and interacting with different organisations to develop training models that are recognised nationally. And training programs for people outside the industry. 

We’re hosting targeted forums and roundtables to address these and other priority issues. 

Supporting a stronger economy

Rail skills are used in 13 other industries. These include construction, defence, energy and manufacturing.

By developing Australia’s rail capabilities, the Hub is contributing to a better trained, more productive national workforce, and supporting a stronger economy.


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