Digital Courseware

An easier way to deliver training and help more people enter and advance their career in rail.
Photo of book and laptop to represent digital courseware for rail training programs
Photo of book and laptop to represent digital courseware for rail training programs

Free courseware for critical rail skills training

The National Rail Skills Hub is providing industry-backed digital courseware free to VET regulator approved training organisations.

Having access to high quality resources means trainers and assessors can focus their time on delivering courses and training more people in the rail skills needed to build and operate Australia’s rail system today and into the future.

The courseware includes:

  • training collateral
  • assessment materials
  • additional resources.

The material is up-to-date, nationally recognised and industry reviewed. It has been developed by the Seamless Future Rail Skills Project, as part of a National Rail Skills Hub initiative to address critical rail skills shortages.

Certificate IV Rail Network Control

The first courseware package released will help to address the urgent need for more skilled Network Controllers.

It includes training and assessment resources for 15 units of competency which together will qualify a student for the TLI40921 Certificate IV in Rail Network Control.

They include:

  • TLIE2007 Use communications systems
  • TLIE3022 Complete workplace documents
  • TLIE3023 Use electronic communications
  • TLIF0008 Apply safety critical communications in the rail environment
  • TLIF0017 Implement safeworking rules and regulations for network control activities
  • TLIF2010 Apply fatigue management strategies
  • TLIF3087 - Follow work health and safety, and environmental procedures in the rail industry
  • TLIF4086 - Control and coordinate incident responses
  • TLIF4109 - Communicate effectively to coordinate incident response procedures
  • TLIG0003 - Work effectively with others in a team
  • TLIG2007 - Work in a socially diverse environment
  • TLII4022 - Identify and meet customer requirements
  • TLIL0002 - Identify railway fundamentals
  • TLIL4074 - Control and coordinate rail traffic movement
  • TLIL4075 - Implement and amend daily train plan


If your training organisation is approved by Australian VET regulators to deliver rail training and you would like access to the free material to expand your scope or supplement your existing courseware, fill out this registration document and  email it to the National Rail Skills Hub. 

Once your application has been verified, we'll email you a link to the resources.


Flexibility of delivery

The course material comes in three different formats:

  • Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) files to allow the uploading of the digitised training and assessment materials into a Learning Management System
  • Microsoft Word 
  • Adobe Captivate.

The different formats are compatible. This allows training providers to use the material in different ways, including printed hard copies, electronic pdf or embedded as content into individual learning management systems.

Training providers without a learning management system can use the MS Word version to deliver training using a paper-based format, or they can PDF the content to support online training delivery.

Flexibility of use

The MS Word versions are editable and can be customised to suit different contexts.

The courseware has been developed in modules for each unit of competency giving training providers the flexibility to deliver the material to suit a variety of needs.

This could be as a nationally accredited Certificate IV qualification, or as individual units (or combinations of units) targeting specific skills.

By using the modules as micro-credentials, employers can create their own training packages to support:

  • specific skills development for experienced workers transitioning to rail from other industries
  • skills development for specific job roles
  • cross-skilling of rail staff.

Harmonisation of training

Policy makers can use the digitised courseware to promote the harmonisation of rail training across jurisdictions.

This will help to ensure quality of training and make it easier for qualified rail workers to move around Australia to meet demand.