Data Scientist

Also known as:  Analytics Manager

Job Role: Analysing data using modelling and algorithms to support predictive maintenance and others tasks that improve rail operations.  

Woman in front of multiple computer screens working intently

The role

Data Scientists use data from different sources, including IoT devices, to monitor the rails, detect potential maintenance issues and improve rail operations.

Tasks include:
• organising, processing and validating data
• analysing and interpreting data
• developing models and algorithms
• using algorithms to interpret patterns
• creating data-driven solutions for identified problems.
Woman in front of multiple computer screens working intently
Skills required

Skills required to be a Data Scientist

  • strong analytical and technical skills, including in areas such as statistics, programming, machine learning and data visualisation
  • logical thinking, problem solving and project management
  • good communication
Entry Pathways

Previous experience

Data scientists may have previous experience in areas such as:

  • statistics
  • data analysis
  • IT.

Minimum requirements

A bachelor’s degree in areas such as mathematics, statistics, computer science, IT or engineering is typically the minimum requirement to work as a data analyst or a data scientist. Some employers may prefer postgraduate qualifications such as a masters degree or postgraduate certificate.

An alternative pathway into the industry may be through an online qualification such as a professional certificate in data analytics, which could lead to an entry-level data analyst role.

Career progression

What a Data Scientist's career progression can look like

A chart showing career progression from date analyst and data engineer to data scientist and chief data officer
What do I do next?

For more information on starting a Data Scientist career in rail:

  • check out the Work in Rail website
  • talk to your careers adviser 
  • contact your local university or TAFE
  • if you already work in rail, talk to your employer.
Meet the people

Chelsea Winskill is Acting Senior Regulatory Data Analyst at the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONSRR).

As part of the risks and analysis team, she designs and models easy-to-access data reports to help keep the railways safe.

Read more about Chelsea's career here.