Railway Track Worker

Occupation: Railway Labourer

Job Role: Build, inspect, maintain and repair tracks

Job insights

Skills required to be a Railway Track Worker

  • Eye for detail
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to work well in a team
  • Safety awareness

Job role

Operate mechanical equipment, Maintain and repair equipment

Railway track workers

The role

Railway Track Workers lay, align, repair and maintain railway tracks.

Tasks include:
• driving plant equipment to lay, align and carry out maintenance work on railway tracks
• maintaining equipment.
Railway track workers
Skills required

Skills required to be a Railway Track Worker

  • Physically fit
  • Valid drivers licence 
  • Ability to work outdoors
  • Operate minor mechanical equipment
Entry pathways

Previous experience

Railway Track Workers often come from a career in:

  • construction, property, resources sectors 
  • engineering or manufacturing 
  • other mobile plant operations.

Minimum requirements

Minimum training and qualification requirements vary according to the requirements of the rail infrastructure manager or rail operator.

Generally, rail track workers are required to have a construction industry white card and have completed the six core units of TLI27121 - Certificate II in Rail Infrastructure plus the Safely access the rail corridor unit.

Completion of the full qualification is required for several other track, civil and plant job roles.

The Certificate III in Rail Infrastructure is needed for various other track and civil job roles.

Potential training pathway

railway track worker - training
Career progression

What a Railway Track Worker's career progression can look like

Railway track workers may look to add to their qualifications and advance their career into jobs such as rail scheduler, work group leader, track access coordinator or network controller. 

railway tracker worker - career
What do I do next

What do I do next?

For more information on becoming a Railway Track Worker:

  • talk to your careers adviser 
  • get in touch with your union
  • contact your local TAFE
  • if you already work in rail, talk to your employer.