Australia's workforce gaps: a 10-year forecast

23 Nov 2023

Determining Future Demand, Supply and Skills Gap for  Australia’s and New Zealand’s Rail Workforce: 2022-2032

Oxford Economics Australia’s latest rail workforce capability report confirms fears that the sector’s talent and labour shortage will continue for another decade at least.

Rail faces a convergence of challenges to workforce capability as sharply rising levels of demand for rail operations and infrastructure investment occurs alongside the industry’s rapid digital transformation.

The report, commissioned by the NTC and the Australasian Railway Association, gives a breakdown of demand and supply figures by role and jurisdiction. It explains how skills demand will change for the rail sector over time, the key threats to workforce capability, and what industry and government can do to  meet the challenges of delivering on rail infrastructure projects.

To download the report and highlights click on the links below. A more detailed look at the rail skills database that informed the work can be found here.