New Jobs and Skills Council

14 Dec 2022

National Transport Commission welcomes new Jobs and Skills Council

A new Jobs and Skills Council for the transport and logistics sector, funded by the Australian Government and supported by industry peak bodies, will help address skills shortages and broader workforce challenges in the rail industry.

It aligns well with efforts already underway by the National Transport Commission through its National Rail Skills Hub and the work of the Australasian Railways Association.

The rail sector will see $155 billion in investment over the next 15 years and needs many more people with the right mix skills to address a skills and labour shortage.

Jobs and Skills Minister Brendan O’Connor announced the initiative and said the new JSCs will have a strong connection to Jobs and Skills Australia and strengthen industry engagement.

Led by industry, the Jobs and Skills Councils will bring all parties to the table to find solutions to the workforce challenges and skills needs currently facing industry sectors across Australia.

The National Rail Skills Hub is bringing transport and the education sectors together to ensure national consistency of rail skills to fill the current backlog of 70,000 jobs and help develop the digital skills for the future. accelerate access to skills and skills portability.

The Hub is  an interactive platform that  showcases the many different roles in rail so people can see themselves working in the industry.