Analysis of Rail Track Worker Training Data

01 May 2023

Railway Track Workers build, inspect, maintain and repair tracks for heavy and light railways. Finding enough workers with skills to carry out these roles is difficult. As networks expand more workers are needed in metropolitan and regional areas.

Understanding who's training in these skills, where they're getting trained and who's paying for it will help develop programs to address this critical skills gap.

The National Rail Skills Hub has analysed National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) data relating to seven key units of competency relevant to working as a Railway Track Worker.

The majority of these units are not exclusive to training for work as a Railway Track Worker, and may also be required for other job roles in the rail industry and other sectors.

A link to our research on Railway Track Worker training can be found below. 

Find out more about Railway Track Worker training and career pathways here.

Analysis of training environment for Railway Track Worker